What we can do

We can produce you a fully working car key including remote for almost any car currently sold in the UK and almost all imports too. We are very competitively priced and only use fully tested products. We can usually give you a choice of genuine or after market although some vehicles must have genuine due to quality issues. We can even provide you with a key even if you have lost all of your originals.
For a quote please call 07585779744
We have listed a few sample prices but to get an exact price we recommend you call to get your no obligation quote.

We also offer a 24hr call out service for emergencies whether that be you have dropped your key down the drain or simply locked the keys inside the car. We can get you back on the road usually the same day.

All the above prices are fully inclusive of pin code extraction programming and all come with a years guarantee. We even come to you free of charge at your home or place of work or we can even meet you in town and do the job while you shop.

Steps to producing a car key:

 Cutting the key:

This is actually the simplest part of producing you a new programmed car key. We simply decode your existing key and after confirming that key number exists using data provided by your dealer we then cut the key to code meaning even if your key is worn your new key will be as it should have been when the car was new. Cutting a key this way is by far the best option as it means any future keys you have cut will be closer to the original instead of just copying a key that is already very worn.

Obtaining the pin code:

Many vehicles now days require a security pin code to program in new keys. This would usually have been provided by your dealer when the car was new but they rarely inform you of its importance so many people no longer have this. For most vehicles we can extract the pin code directly from the car via the diagnostic socket located inside the vehicle and in the rare instance that this can’t be done we can obtain it for you from your dealer.

Programming the transponder:

Once we have obtained any required security information we then need to register the new transponder chip with the vehicle so when you turn the key the cars computer will allow the car start. This is done using state of the art diagnostic equipment which is of dealer level for key programming. With out this the car would never start.

Programming the remote:

Once we have a key that starts the car we then, if needed program the remote control. Each car is done slightly differently. Some are programmed automatically when we program the transponder, some are done using diagnostic equipment and others are done using a manual procedure in the vehicle but whichever your car has we will take care of everything for you meaning when we leave, you will be left with a fully working remote key.