Fiat remote key programming

Fiat vehicles are one of the most complicated to do. The reason for this is the immobiliser chip unlike most other cars on the market today can’t just be programmed in using the information already written to the chip. The chip also has to be pre coded with information that can only be taken from the ECU itself. Now in previous years the only way to do this was to remove the mobiliser unit and de-solder the chip from the circuit board, then you could read that information and write it to the chip. Then we had to re solder the chip and install the unit back to the car before programming the key. As you can imagine this had inherent risks as the chips are so small and the circuit boards very delicate.

We now have new equipment which read the required information on 95% of Fiat vehicle directly from the diagnostic socket on the car which means no risk and t is also much faster. Previously it could take up-to 2 hours to do a fiat key now we can usually have this done inside of 30 minutes, and as this is now done via the industry standard OBD socket it is perfectly safe. This also means we can can produce you a new key even if you have lost all of your originals the same day come rain or shine even in the middle of the night, with our 24 hour service you and you Fiat can be back on your journey usually in  under an hour of us arriving.