Ford remote key programming

Ford keys and remotes are one of the most frequently requested keys and as such we keep a large range of ford remotes in stock at all times.

Cutting and programming a ford key takes approximately 20 minutes so we can even have your key done during your break at work or any other time and place that suits you, saving you time and hassle of taking your car to your dealer.

As well as providing new remotes we can also effect repairs on your existing remote. One of the most common faults on a ford remote is the battery terminal comes loose. We can fix this for you and get your remote reprogrammed to your vehicle all done at a time and place to suit you. And with a no fix no fee policy you would not be charged a penny if your remote is beyond repair.

However if the worst happens and your remote is beyond repair we would then be able to offer you other solutions like replacements. Often with ford remotes we do not have to replace the whole key. We can re use your existing key blade and immobiliser chip and just replace the fault remote circuit board, making it cheaper to get your remote back to full capacity.

We can also delete any keys in the cars memory if requested for security so you know that only you have keys to your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding your ford key please feel free to contact us, remember advice is always FREE and we can often give you a fix over the phone at least to keep you going in an emergency.