Nissan remote programming

Nissan vehicles are becoming more and more popular every year and as such we have invested in all the latest software for Nissan vehicles so we can program keys for all Nissans right up-to 2015 even if you have lost all of the originals. We keep many Nissan remotes in stock and any special order remotes can usually be ordered for next working day delivery.

As a security measure when programming Nissan vehicles we have to delete all existing keys from the memory. We then program in any new keys along with any you still have so only keys in your possession will work the vehicle. Ideal if you have lost keys or recently purchased the car and only have one key.

As a whole Nissan remotes are very reliable but if you do ever have a problem do call as we can repair most faults and get your key back to full working order very quickly and cheaply. Our Nissan remotes start at just £139 and a non remote key would start at just £45.00. Compared to Nissan that can charge as much as £260 for many of their remotes this is a great saving and as always our remotes come with a one year guarantee.