Peugeot/Citroen remote programming

PSA group. Whiles actually have one of the most reliable remotes in our opinion. The most common fault with all Peugeot and citroen vehicles is the casings. Often the rubber buttons wear out or the blade can come loose making it difficult to use the key. These are both a very easy fix. All we have to do is remove your circuit board and immobiliser chip from the existing key and put them into a new casing. If needed we then cut a new blade. This will then give a key that looks brand new on the outside but using the expensive electronic parts from your old remote means this service would cost as little as £24.95 depending on which remote you have saving over £100 compared to a replacement remote.


We can obviously also supply you with a new fully working remote key if needed. Many of these are kept in stock but those that are not can usually be got in by the next working day. Even if we do not have a remote we would always be able to do you a spare non remote key, so if it is an emergency we can still get you back on the road usually within the hour. We also delete any existing keys only you will have keys to your vehicle.