VAG remote programming

VAG group covers Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat remote programming

In addition it also includes Porsche Cayenne vehicles

VAG vehicles are known as one of the most popular brands in the UK and as such we often get asked about replacement keys. One of the most common questions we get asked is why no one seems to be able to do them but we can. The reason many key cutters can’t do these keys is because of the equipment they are using. Most key cutting shops use a technique called cloning, now while this is a reliable and cost effective method of producing basic keys it does not cover every vehicle there are many vehicles like Volkswagen Audi group vehicles that can only be programmed using diagnostic equipment. This requires being in the car to program the key and as a fully mobile auto locksmith we have all the latest diagnostic programming equipment so we can do what your dealer can do and in many cases we cano even more.

VAG vehicles starting in 2005 use what is called a pre coded chip. This means unlike previous models you have to extract some information from the vehicle and write it to the new chip before you can program it in. Previously all we had to do was register the new chip which had its own unique ID. Now in addition to registering that unique ID number the car will not accept the new chip unless it has this pre coded information on it, which we extract from the vehicle and write ourselves. Even your main dealer can’t do that, they have to order this in and it comes with this information already pre coded. Now this way of doing it is fine as long as the vehicle still has that information. Although it is rare if a vehicle has had its ECU changed for any reason this information can change and then your dealer won’t be able to do you a key. We however can as we don’t rely on information provided by the dealers we take the needed coding direct from the ECU of the vehicle.