Vauxhall remote programming

Vauxhall remotes are a very common request and as such we keep most in stock and can program them the same day in most circumstances even if you have lost all of your existing keys. We can also if required delete any keys in the cars memory meaning if any previous owners still have a key it will no longer start the car or if you have lost they key you can rest assured even if it is found by someone else then your vehicle remains safe.

We also do emergency call out for vauxhall vehicles and can get your car unlocked and a new key made which usually takes 30-45 minutes from our arrival meaning you can be back on the road very quickly.

We can also repair many issues with vauxhall remotes like worn out buttons broken key blades etc. which means if your key is broken you don’t necessarily need a new key so give us a call and find exactly what you need so you don’t spend money you don’t need to.